Make m Pay

While still in its infancy, the make’mpay technology allows the actual consumer to register and specify what services or products they are specifically interested in receiving marketing messages from.

The leads are generated at OfferNET’s cost and are fed through to the Lead Auctioneer engine which then automatically allocates the leads to the highest bidder first. The second and third highest bidders are allocated the same leads after 5 and 10-minute delays respectively.

It was developed as a mechanism to overcome the severe limitations posed by data privacy legislation upon digital marketers. By opting-in to the make’mpay consumer database, end-user consumers are rewarded every time they are marketed to from the platform. Rewards are directly linked to the profile of the consumer, and these can be anything from discounts on Uber trips through to mobile phone data packages.



  • Fully compliant with current legislation, GDPR and PoPi ready.