Lead Gener8or

Eliminate digital fraud, with our smart integrated digital advertising platform that delivers integrated results across search, Display, and Social media advertising. 

Lead Gener8or is a universal, cloud-based digital advertising platform for anyone who is interested in generating new customers for their business. It incorporates elements and functionality displayed by demand-side platforms and ad networks.

With complete digital integration across SMS, email, Search, Display, Video, Mobile Apps and social media channels, plus an ability to focus on targeting potential leads on a broad national or detailed suburb level, Lead Gener8tor is an omni-channel, hyper-local targeting platform. A slick interface allows users to define and preload campaigns, establish critical criteria such as specific target markets at a granular level, and determine what distribution channels are preferred. 

Lead Gener8or facilitates complete campaign management, from customizable budgets to consistent creative design, branding & messaging. Through its incorporation of the OfferNET plug-ins, the platform enables multiple, disparate sets of data to come together and be made useful for customer targeting and insights. This gives Lead Gener8or the unique ability to combine traditional digital lead generation channels (SMS, email and social media) with the dynamic world of display and search Pay-per-Click marketing.



  • The system allows you to define and pre-load your campaigns, establishing critical criteria such as specific target market at a granular level and what distribution channels you’d prefer.

  • Hot Lead Connect™ facilitates the transmission of positive response leads in real time, allowing call centres or sales teams to phone the new leads within seconds.

  • Lead Gener8or can be used on its own, or it can integrate with other Bastion & Flowe's next generation products, propelling your business to much higher levels whilst increasing productivity and security, but reducing overall costs.

  • Your channel selection may be any combination of SMS, eMail, Social Media and Bastion & Flowe’s exclusive OfferNET. OfferNET is an extensive network of online digital advertising real-estate that covers every category of online consumer usage on all internet connected devices.

  • All information and processes are centrally managed. Creatives and messages can be updated without the need for the user to update their copy of Lead Gener8or.

  • Secure cloud storage ensures that all Information is kept safe and NOT on the device.

  • Products can be customised to allow only certain type of agents to sell specific products.

  • The system allows you to allocate your own budget in any combination of the distribution channels you select.

  • Fully compliant with current legislation, GDPR and PoPi ready.