InterACT is a sales application that empowers entrepreneurs and agents to sell a bouquet of lifestyle products or services.

This cloud-based marketing and sales optimization platform also acts as a highly efficient lead generation tool.

InterACT as a Field Force Technology, allows any agent in the field with a smartphone, to have full transactional access to a complete bouquet of products. These products are sold and consumed via our cloud-based platform that affords continuous interaction between the end-user buying the product, the agent selling the product and the original product provider.


The tech allows direct sales agents to:

  • Operate more productively

  • Become effective multi-product sellers and lead generators

  • Seamlessly integrate with telesales and broader marketing strategies

  • Significantly increase revenue



  • Information can be captured, validated and processed in real time.

  • Secure cloud storage ensures that all Information is kept safe and NOT on the device.

  • Hot Lead Connect™, a feature that facilitates the transmission of positive response leads in real time, allowing call centers or sales teams to phone the new leads within seconds.

  • InterACT can be used on its own, or it can integrate with other Bastion & Flowe's next generation products, propelling your business to much higher levels whilst increasing productivity & security, but reducing costs.

  • Products can be customised to allow only certain type of agents to sell specific products.

  • All information and processes are centrally managed. Products and accounts can be updated without the need for the user to update their copy of InterACT.

  • The system can facilitate pre-paid services such as pre-paid financial service products.

  • Fully compliant with current legislation, GDPR and PoPi ready.