Monitise your customer database by allowing non-competing businesses or brands to advertise to your customers.

On top of all the impressive lead-generating functionality, Lead Gener8or and InterACT have the unique ability to integrate First- or Third-Party Consumer datasets into the omni-channel world of online marketing. This allows for full data monetisation through various revenue share models between the data owners and product vendors.

Each platform is able to contribute to an ever-increasing well of Big Data, which is highly valuable for lead generation, optimised targeting, marketing insights and more.



  • The system allows you to define and pre-load your campaigns, establishing critical criteria such as specific target market at a granular level and what distribution channels you’d prefer.

  • Hot Lead Connect™ facilitates the transmission of positive response leads in real time, allowing call centres or sales teams to phone the new leads within seconds.

  • Lead Gener8or can be used on its own, or it can integrate with other Bastion & Flowe's next generation products, propelling your business to much higher levels whilst increasing productivity and security, but reducing overall costs.

  • Your channel selection may be any combination of SMS, eMail, Social Media and Bastion & Flowe’s exclusive OfferNET. OfferNET is an extensive network of online digital advertising real-estate that covers every category of online consumer usage on all internet connected devices.

  • All information and processes are centrally managed. Creatives and messages can be updated without the need for the user to update their copy of Lead Gener8or.

  • Secure cloud storage ensures that all Information is kept safe and NOT on the device.

  • Products can be customised to allow only certain type of agents to sell specific products.

  • The system allows you to allocate your own budget in any combination of the distribution channels you select.

  • Fully compliant with current legislation, GDPR and PoPi ready.

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