Case Histories

Leveraging Hyperlocal Events: Load Shedding was Turned into a Unique Opportunity for Targeted Advertising, Leading to Increased e-Commerce sales

” Leveraging real-time load shedding data, a South African outdoor clothing retailer, in collaboration with Offernet,
executed a hyper-local advertising campaign, scaled nationally. The campaign dynamically targeted
users based on their load shedding schedules, significantly boosting e-commerce sales. With multiple iterations, cost efficiency was maintained, resulting in a substantial 150% increase in ROAS.”

Return-on-Adspend (ROAS)

A metric that measures the revenue generated for every unit of currency spent on advertising.

[ROAS = Revenue / Advertising Spend]

Increase in ROAS
1 %

Driving Campaign Performance Through Data-Driven Optimisation in Pet Insurance Sector

” The digital pet insurance provider’s campaign serves as a compelling demonstration of how
data-driven optimization can dramatically improve marketing outcomes. Strategic adjustments,
including refined audience targeting, creative changes, landing page enhancement, and adspend fine-tuning, led to a significant 257% lift in
conversions. This case study emphasizes the power of data in driving user engagement, conversions, and ROAS. It underscores the critical role of data insights in achieving exceptional results in the
competitive digital marketing landscape.”

Lift in Conversions
1 %

Rethinking Retail Marketing: A Shift from Vanity Metrics to Revenue Performance Metrics

” A prominent online retailer of home and kitchenware contracted Offernet to test the potential shift from a follower-centric social media strategy to a revenue performance-centric approach. This involved targeted audience engagement, identifying high-potential leads, continuous A/B testing, and improved online-offline communication. The shift led to a remarkable increase in click-through and conversion rates, a 71% decrease in cost per lead, and an impressive 393% surge in conversion rate, demonstrating the advantages of a revenue-centric strategy.”
Increase In Conversion Rate
1 %

How a Leading Sports Betting Company Maximised their Revenue by Protecting their Brand Integrity with Offernet’s Brand Shield Service

” A leading sports betting company operating across South Africa, Mozambique, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Experienced impersonation and fraud challenges impacting the
effectiveness of their advertising efforts. To turn this situation around, they opted
for Offernet’s Brand Shield service to initiate revenue recovery. The Revenue
Lift increased by 199%, demonstrating the power of effective brand protection
and proactive community management.”

Revenue lift

The percentage the revenue increased by. Revenue lift = (Total Pre-campaign Revenue/Total New campaign Revenue)*100
Lift In Revenue
1 %

Overcoming Operational Challenges Through Effective Touchpoint® Optimisation and Refining the Customer Journey: A Case Study in Conversion Optimisation

” A forward-thinking CMO from a multinational furniture retail chain tasked Offernet’s Advisory team with identifying opportunities to improve their digital lead generation costs. The team conducted a comprehensive customer journey analysis and pinpointed a need for a mobile-optimised lead generation landing page. This strategic alteration significantly enhanced the user experience, led to a four-fold increase in the conversion rate, and most notably, resulted in a remarkable 278% reduction in the average cost per lead, underscoring the substantial benefits of mobile-optimised, user experience-focused digital marketing.”
Decrease In Average Cost Per Lead
1 %

Pivoting Amidst Paper Shortage: Retailer's Leap from Print to Cataview Digital Format

“A national big box retail chain transitioned from print to digital advertising due to supply disruptions. Implementing Offernet’s Digital Catalogue Ad Format, Cataview, they ran an A/B test on Facebook against standard image and carousel ads. Cataview outperformed with a 6.18% click-through rate, 82% landing page view rate, and 11% conversion rate, resulting in a 30% lower cost per lead and a 224% increase in lead volume, demonstrating its superiority in digital advertising efficiency.”
Increase in Lead Volume
1 %

How Data-Informed Campaign and Design Optimisation Improved a Non Profit Organisation’s Fundraising Campaign’s Return on Ad Spend.

” A renowned non-profit
organisation in South Africa
experienced a significant boost
in new donations and improved
its ROAS by 25% through an
effectively optimised fundraising
campaign. Various tactics were
employed, including data-informed
creative optimisations, hyper-local
audience segmentation, and
data-driven audience targeting.”

Return-on-Adspend (ROAS)

A metric that measures the revenue generated for every unit of currency spent on advertising.

[ROAS = Revenue / Advertising Spend]

Increase in ROAS
1 %