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By employing their expertise and understanding of the science of segmentation and targeting, Bastion & Flowe was able to drive down the cost of generating leads for a Telecommunications Company.

The client had been running their own digital ads and we were brought on to see if B&F could improve upon their efforts and bring down the costs of generating leads for mobile phone contracts.


  • Decrease the Average Cost Per Lead
  • Increase the Click Through Rate
  • Increase the Click to Lead Conversion Rate (Number of people who clicked on their ads and completed the application form)
  • Increase the number of leads that pass the credit score check to more than 30% of all leads


  • Identify possible customers for the client from the B&F database
  • Use segmentation based on interests and machine learning models
  • Improve relevance by targeting ads and creatives based on our segmentation
  • Create exclude rules and model for people that are not likely to pass the credit score model from the Bastion & Flowe consumer database


  • Generate leads at a cost of $7.14

  • More than 30% of all leads provided must pass a strict credit score check


  • Average cost per lead: $4.42

  • Leads supplied with an average Credit pass rate up to 77%

  • 47% reduction in the Average Cost Per Lead

  • 29% improvement on Click Through Rate

  • 42% improvement on Lead Conversion Rate

  • Improved ads’ relevance and quality scores

  • Increased credit check approved leads up to 77%

Bastion & Flowe was able to help the Telecommunications brand to improve their digital campaign results and reduce the costs of generating leads for online applications for mobile phone contracts on their website. The client had been generating leads via their internal digital marketing division at an average cost of R91.57 per lead, with a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.76% and click to lead conversion rate of 7.75%.

The B&F digital strategy comprised of two fundamental steps: • Step 1 was to identify people in their South African consumer database that would be able to afford the products on offer and pass a strict credit score check • Step 2 allowed B&F to further increase their relevance score by segmenting the ads and creatives to different audiences based on their interests and machine learning models. Within the first 2 iterations of the campaign, because of better segmentation and target audience selection, B&F saw a marked decrease in costs, with the average cost per lead decreasing to $4.42 (47% reduction in costs). The CTR increased to 0.98% and click to lead conversion rate increased to 11%. The brand’s ad relevance and quality scores also increased from 4 and 5 respectively to an average of 7 and 8.


OfferNet (B&F) Conversion Rate
Compared To An Industry Average