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About Us

Headquartered in London, we are a global network of licensed Digital Marketing Agency partners that operate our bespoke OfferNET.net suite of lead generation and sales optimisation technologies. 

We are a collective of digital experts, driven by technology and informed by big data, disrupting the status quo and setting the standard for marketing and sales optimisation.

OfferNet's innovative suite of Ad Tech and Sales optimisation solutions, coupled with a global team of digital experts delivers measurable results for any size business anywhere in the world.


We demystify and declutter the world of digital marketing.

We simplify it for marketing managers by offering a comprehensive suite of digital services, and by providing relevant and measurable results on each and every campaign conducted



To create a network of digital experts that any business can tap into, whether they be a startup or a multinational conglomerate. 



To constantly collaborate and challenge the status quo with innovative technology that empowers & drives social economic change. 



In contrast to many confusing offerings - with programmatic agencies and different marketing apps claiming to offer some similar services - OfferNET stands out because of five truly remarkable innovations:

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The net result of all this is that we are able to empower brands to run digital campaigns that are honestly measurable, readily accountable and staggeringly effective.



Bastion & Flowe

With an impressive resume of high-profile international clients and an ever-growing team of experts in all digital disciplines, Bastion & Flowe's Digital Command Center ensures that every campaign is monitored and frequently optimised.   By consolidating OfferNet's and Bastion & Flowe's  digital media inventory purchasing power across all channels, we are able to unlock more features, relationships and benefits for our clients that are typically reserved for huge corporates and multinational agencies by advertising networks such as Facebook and Google.

Bastion & Flowe provides all necessary compliance and certification as per the ad-network's best practice requirements.  Their teams of digital experts continuously monitor the various ad-networks for any potential system or policy changes that could adversely affect a clients campaign thus ensuring optimal campaign performance.


Google is the worlds largest search engine and display advertising network.   All Google inventory purchasing and optimisation is managed on our behalf by a team from Bastion & Flowe, a certified Google partner.  Their Machine Learning algorithms and consumer data propensity modelling capabilities ensure that you get the best possible result for your campaign.  


Facebook is the world's largest Social Media network which also includes Instagram, WhatsApp and an extensive partner network.  Our Digital Command Center partner, Bastion & Flowe, is an official Facebook Partner with a team of certified Facebook advertising experts.  Their Machine Learning algorithm's and consumer data propensity modelling ensures you get the best possible results for your campaign.