We believe in the power of entrepreneurs.

We subscribe to the adage that entrepreneurs have the ability to facilitate and promote South Africa's economic growth

Their success however, is severely impeded by their inability to access modern, tech-savvy business tools.

Through our technological innovations, we are providing entrepreneurs with the marketing and sales capabilities that were, until recently, only in the hands of large corporate operations.

By making enormous efforts to empower the young entrepreneur via whatever means we have at our disposal, we are helping to create the businesses of tomorrow. 

"We are changing the current status quo"

Who we are

We are a technology and innovation-orientated company focussed on providing the most complete end-to-end direct marketing and sales optimization solution available today.


We have streamlined certain marketing and sales processes in order to reduce costs and time, whilst maximizing effectiveness and, most importantly, ease-of-use.  Our platforms are scalable and include unique communication and sales service components to further expand and rationalize any direct marketing and sales operation.


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The Team