The success of your marketing initiatives should be measured by your ability to optimise revenue. If the results of your digital campaigns are not directly linked to your overall growth strategy, you need to engage with us.

The universal language of numbers talks to our successes

Our Approach

Offernet lies at the very heart of the digitised world, connecting enterprises with consumers, all the while focusing on compliance and efficacy. We play a central role in monetizing these interactions in such a way that is optimal and profitable to all parties concerned.

Our Technology

Offernet’s flagship technology solution is Touchpoint®, a game-changer in the world of digital marketing. Our multi-channel digital marketing engine is powered by enriched prospect data and intention-based purchasing insights, enabling us to transform campaign economics and outcomes with greater attribution, conversion, and ROI.

Technologies and Services

Offline conversion tracking and attribution
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Chat bot - Improves online customer engagement
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Real-time lead delivery to clients’ CRM or DMPs
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Cookie management
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Improves online e-commerce sales by digitalising traditional print catalogues
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A game-changer in
the world of digital marketing
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Identify and manage potential threats, submitting take-down requests
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Assist businesses or organisations prevent suspension from social media platforms
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“ Empowering real-time insights and automated decision-making to maximise revenue.”

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